A Few Tips to Help Protect Your Fabric

During a move, you want to ensure everything is packed properly and safely during transportation. Fabric items are no exception and need attention to handle a residential relocation. Here are seven tips to help you protect your fabric during a move.

Formal Wear

Consider using a sturdy wardrobe box to transport formal wear items to prevent them from damage. These tall cardboard boxes have a rail for hangers and can accommodate full-length clothing. Suits and evening gowns can get wrinkled inside a box.

Everyday Wear

When it comes to the clothing you wear daily, some of it can be left inside furniture drawers. If you box these items, spread out heavy materials so as not to weigh the boxes down. Your residential movers will ensure the drawers stay closed during transportation.

Mattresses & Box Springs

Mattress bags are available for purchase at retail stores and moving supply locations. In most cases, a mattress bag can prevent light scuffles during relocation, but if you want more protection, consider a sturdy cardboard mattress box.


While some people will behind curtains, custom curtains are expensive, and you may wish to relocate these items. In that case, consider placing them on a hanger and putting them inside a plastic wardrobe bag.

Cherished Items

If you’re moving irreplaceable cloth goods, purchase durable plastic totes. Not only will the totes protect the items during relocation, but they’ll be handy for storage too. Seasonal décor, custom craftwork, or unique quilts may have sentimental value and require extra protection.


A lot of furniture items have fabric accents or are leather bound. The best course of action to protect them is to shrink-wrap them. Professional movers will then take these items and place extra padding around them in the truck for extra safekeeping.

Fabric Artwork

Canvas artwork is a beautiful household décor, but it’s delicate without a protective backing. Crating will protect the fabric while also supporting the frame. Consider consulting with your residential mover about custom crating options if you have high-value artwork.

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