Make a Plan for Items Moving Companies Do Not Move

What should you do with items that moving companies will not move? The answer is not always simple. It takes time and resources to discard these items before moving day. You do not want to waste your time or space in your car trying to transport items that you may not necessarily need right away in your new home. At Pine Brook NJ Movers we want to help you plan before your moving company gets to your home. Below is a list of places to check and tips for planning your next residential move.

Clean Out Your Kitchen

Perishable items are available to be packed and professionally transported during your next move. However, if you are completing an interstate move, it is wise to consume or dispose of perishable food items before you leave. You do not want to open a box and find spoiled food or spilled food that was previously opened.

A professional moving company is also not going to move a fire extinguisher that is commonly found in the kitchen and throughout the home. Since it is a combustible item, it is dangerous to move. It is advised to replace fire extinguishers every few years or so. You may want to check and see if you are due for a new one before trying to move it yourself.

Check Your Cleaning Supplies

Moving companies will not transport ammonia, bleach, or other flammable cleaners used in your household. Since these items are often found around your home make sure to not only check your laundry room for these items, but everywhere else that you keep your cleaning supplies.

Home Decor Purge

We all know a household plant can add life into any room or living space, but they are fragile and will most likely not survive a professional move. We recommend you transport these items yourselves to ensure they make it to their new home, or you can give the plant away to a family member.

Go Through Your Bedroom

Before you start your next long-distance move make sure to go through your bedroom closets. If you have a firearm or ammunition in these areas you will have to arrange for special transportation of these items during your move. Depending on how you are licensed you can carry them in your vehicle, on your person, or ship them to your new location. Make sure to check the firearm carrying laws of every state you are driving through. You do not want to accidentally break a law while mid move.

Patio & Garage Items

Yard equipment usually comes with gasoline or oil needs. These items have to be emptied since they contain flammable materials, before a professional moving company can transport them. Your containers must also be emptied for transport. Other items that are dangerous to move and possibly flammable include lawn fertilizer, large fluorescent light bulbs, and propane tanks.
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