Planning a Move During the Winter

If you are moving during winter time, then you have come to the right place. Moving during the cold season can be difficult because of icy and dangerous roads. Keeping your most treasured items from getting broken during your move is important and a must priority. Loading a moving truck during the winter time is more difficult than any other time of the year. What are some tips that I can learn when moving during the winter months? Read this article and discover how to plan a move during the winter time.

Hire A Professional Moving Company with Experience

One of the most important things for a winter move is to hire a reputable moving company. They will come in and assess what needs to be done. They will speak with you about how many items need to be moved, where the items are located in the home, beginning and destination points, date and time of delivery of your move and any special requirements you may need. Make sure the moving company has experience with moving during the winter months. Pine Brook NJ Movers and Storage has over 24 years of moving experience. They are located in the New Jersey area and have had over 25000 home and business moves. Call us today at our website to speak with someone from our team.

Make A Moving Day Plan

There is nothing worse than being unorganized on moving day. Have a plan of your move, room by room, box by box. Explain to your moving company representative the items that can be easily broken. Show your moving company representative each room and let them assess the best way to load the truck. They are experienced with moving and should be able to give you the best way to load each room or box. Discuss options with your moving company representative before the actual day of the move. This will give them a chance to take notes and organize a successful move.

Listen To Weather Reports

Pay attention to weather reports to make sure that you are not planning a move during a time where a storm or blizzard may come. Weather reports will give you the best day and time for your move. A successful move during winter time means creating the best environment to move furniture and all of your treasured items. You can goggle weather reports for any place in the world. Get a 10-day weather report to see weather on your move date and days prior or after.


Begin Your Move Early

Starting your move as early as possible is a great idea. Start your move at the beginning of the day to give yourself the time needed to move items from your house or apartment. It is always good to have as much light from the sun as possible to make a safe move. Starting early will give your movers time to plan, organize, safely load and move your cherished items.


Pack Your Items to Prevent Cold Weather Damage

Winter damage can wreak havoc on your furniture, clothing and other items during a move. Pack your clothing, small items and furniture so that they will be protected. Wrap items with bubble wrap so they cannot be easily broken. Neatly pack your clothing items by rolling them and placing them snuggly next to each other. Work hard to safely pack those items to make it a little easier on the moving company. There are many moving companies who will pack your items for you at an additional cost. They are trained to safely pack items so they are not broken during your move.


Clear Driveways and Walkways of Snow and Ice

Your driveway and walkway should be cleared from snow and ice to make a successful move. Cleared walkways and driveways keep movers and others from slipping and falling. This keeps everyone safe during your move. Clear your walkway and driveway for your movers to easily load the moving truck. Drop salt down as soon as the sun comes up. The sun is a key factor in helping the ice melt.


Protect The Floors in Your Old and New Home

If you are a homeowner looking to sell your home, remember to protect the floors of the home. Blankets and floor covers can be placed down to help protect the old home’s floors. Movers can often scuff up your floors with furniture bumping against the walls or shoe imprints on the floors. Putting down floor coverings will keep your floors protected and beautiful for the new homeowners. Pine Brook NJ Movers choses to use ram board, this can be purchases at Home Depot.


Dress In Warm Comfortable Clothing for Your Move

Dress in warm and comfortable clothing during your move. Dress your children appropriately for the cold weather as well. Warm clothing will keep you from getting sick during your move. It will also cover up your skin that can get scratched or bruised from lifting furniture or other items.


Prepare Hot Drinks for Everyone

Make sure that everyone has a hot drink during your move. It is a great gesture to your moving company representative even if they say no. Having a hot drink like cocoa during your move will keep your movers warm and having better mobility during your move. A great cup of hot coffee or tea is also something that will help to give your movers more energy during your move. Only do this in the kitchen area or outside, you don’t want hot cocoa spilled on your items by accident.


Make Sure the New Home Utilities Are Already Set Up and Running

If you are moving from an old home or apartment to a new home or apartment, then you will need to set up your utilities before entering your new home. Call the electric, gas and water companies and tell them your date of arrival and the address of your new home. They will make arrangements with you to get your utilities turned on before your arrival. This ensures that you can turn on heating to make your family comfortable in your new home.


Plan For Your Car Trip

Preparing for a long car trip during your winter time move should be one of the most important things you do. Planning and organization are great ideas before a winter time move. Bring snacks, water and favorite items for your kids. Keep laptops in the car to entertain your children, make sure you fully charge them the night before. Planning favorite foods to eat and activities for entertainment is important during your move.


Turn Off All Utilities in Your Old Home

Remember to call your utility company to turn off your electric, gas and water in your old home. There is nothing more expensive than leaving on electricity, gas and water when you are no longer living in the home. If you are moving within the same area, some companies can turn off your utilities on a certain date and turn on your utilities for your move in date.


Pine Brook NJ Moving and Storage

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