How to Pack and Label Your Items for a Successful Move

Moving is always a large process regardless of the distance. There is extensive preparation leading up to a move to ensure that it’s completed successfully. Organizing and packing all of your belongings is perhaps the most tedious task involved, but also the most important. Failing to take your time with organization can lead to a chaotic, stressful, and challenge-filled relocation.

As important as it is, many homeowners are unaware of how to pack and label items properly. By learning a few professional tips from our moving and storage company, you can be confident that your move will go smoothly, whether it’s right across the street or across the country. By implementing the following recommendations, you’ll have absolutely zero stress during your family’s or business’s move.

Tip 1: Use the Correct Packing Materials

Choosing the right boxes, padding, and tape is absolutely crucial. Many homeowners make the mistake of overloading their boxes or using cheap packing materials. Every box comes with a weight limit that should not be exceeded. Although it may seem like larger boxes can support more weight, this isn’t the case. These types of boxes should be used for lighter, bulkier items like comforters and clothing, whereas smaller, dense boxes should be used for heavy items like the ones found in the pantry.

Make sure that you also properly pad your belongings, especially if they’re delicate. Fragile items can easily break during transit due to natural bumps in the road. By wrapping valuables in bubble wrap, you can be confident that they’ll be in good shape when they arrive.

Tip 2: Box and Label Things  According to Where They Belong

While it can be tempting to throw everything into boxes as quickly as possible, this will end up costing you more time in the end. You’ll have zero clue what’s in what box when you settle into your new home and will spend hours sorting through it. For best results, put items from the same room into the same boxes, and label them accordingly. Your mover will often place these boxes directly in the room, ready to be unpacked.

Tip 3: Invest in Full-Service Packing

If you’re strapped for time or need a little extra help, investing in full-service packing is the way to go. This premium service is offered by your moving company and allows you to take a hands-off approach to your move, letting your hired help do the work instead. You can expect your residential movers to:

  • Box Up Your Entire Home and Properly Label Each Box
  • Securely Transport Everything to the New Destination
  • Unpack Your Belongings at Their New Location

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