Things to Do After Moving to a New State

Getting settled in a new city? Don’t forget these 8 post-move tasks

Congratulations on your recent long-distance move! Though you’ve already completed a lot of moving tasks, there are just a few more things to take care of to ensure a smooth start in your new state. Don’t worry — the end is near!

1. Schedule delivery of the moving equipment

Getting your belongings delivered is one of the most important things to take care of after arriving at a new home. While this isn’t necessary for truck rental moves, DIY services like Pine Brook NJ Movers and full-service movers will need to get you on their delivery schedule. The specifics of how to arrange for delivery and when items will be delivered will depend on the company.

2. Get familiar with the home

No matter how many times you toured the new place before renting or buying, there are details you probably haven’t taken note of yet. Upon arrival, be sure to locate important features like the circuit breaker, sewer line cleanout, and main water and gas valves — none of which you want to try to find in an emergency!

While getting to know the house, it’s also a good idea to keep track of any repairs that need to be made, test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and consider replacing outdoor locks and door codes. If you’re living in an apartment, check with the property manager about when these things were last updated.

3. Set up any services

Be sure to get utilities set up in your name and write down bill due dates since they’re likely different from what you’re used to. And if the city has a recycling program, get to know the rules!

This is also a great time to update your address with any credit cards, banks and subscription services you kept in the move.

4. Put the space together

Time to make the place feel like home! Start with a good deep clean since it’s easiest to clean an empty space, then get ready to start unpacking your belongings once they arrive. Not sure what order to go in? This guide to unpacking provides helpful tips to keep the process manageable.

Want to make the house your own? Check out these DIY projects for ideas that can make a big impact.

5. Become an official resident

Even though you’ve moved, you can’t officially call the new city or state home until you become a resident. The process for doing so involves updating critical information like your license and registration along with some other important steps. See how to establish state residency.

6. Learn about the area

Everything from the route you’ll take to work to the gym you’ll work out at will change with the move. Take some time to explore the area and find the nearest grocery store, gas station, park and other important places. There’s plenty of time to find your favorite spots but knowing where the closest ones are will be helpful while you’re getting settled.

7. Get to know new people

Making new friends can be hard, but it’s an important step after a move. While you can (and should!) stay in touch with people you left behind, establishing close connections in the new state will make the adjustment easier. One of the best places to start is in your neighborhood or apartment complex. Even if you don’t start an immediate friendship, it’s always good to know the people around you in case of emergencies or if you need a favor. Use these tips to introduce yourself to neighbors.

8. Relax and recharge

Moving can be a lot of work, so make sure you take some time for yourself and your family. Simple things like a movie night in your new living room or a nice night at a local restaurant are helpful for staying stress-free.